Lightness Meets Performance

The use of this polypropylene honeycomb plate creates a dramatic increase in sturdiness with very little weight gain.
It is resistant and mechanically robust. It is a high-strength, lightweight material that provides efficient mechanical performance. Our extremely lightweight panels are an excellent alternative to monolithic materials as well as panels with traditional core materials.

Different faces for different applications

Available in a wide range of sheet sizes and facings, our polypropylene honeycomb panels are designed for ease of use in many common applications and processes.

They can be engineered to meet specific requirements for strength and sturdiness in home & building, exhibition booths, displays and furniture, automotive, maritime, logistics, packaging and visual communication and in many situations that require elevated core shear, compression and adhesion performance.

(Durable) that amazes. Lightness that surprises.

Its mechanical characteristics make it an exceptional substitute for traditional paneling in wood or derivatives

but with numerous additional advantages: first of all its lightness translates into a reduction in transport and handling costs, assembly is easier, extreme robustness is guaranteed due to its bidirectional mechanical characteristics (thanks to the bubble structure), it can be processed similarly to wood, but with the advantages of plastic (heat weldable).

100 % Recycled and recyclable

It is 100% recyclable, ultralight and can be coated without the use of glues.

A truly green solution for the creation of walls, furnishing accessories, coverings. Furthermore its lightness translates into a reduction in transport and handling costs, with a consequent reduction of the environmental impact since CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. VOC Free (absence of Volatic Organic Compound).


Designer's rules are changing

Handle with this new extraordinary subject means to start a new design path, adopt a new approach to conceive it.

“Less is more” means that which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated than what is more complicated. For Infinity Bubble plate the complexity refers to the superstructures that have been eliminated to create volumes, delimit surfaces and build spaces without limits of shapes, colors, finishes and processing.

Technical Treatments

Ultra light and ultra resistant



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